About Neighbors For Smart Growth™

header-graphic.jpgNeighbors For Smart Growth™ is a grassroots community group dedicated to promoting healthy, livable, and sustainable communities. This includes advocacy, outreach, and education related to issues such as urban infrastructure, land use, and transportation. We work with stakeholders, community partners, and decision makers to promote sustainable solutions to complex growth and development issues in Portland, Oregon. Our primary focus is on the west-side, though our partnerships extend throughout the region.


Neighbors For Smart Growth™ supports sustainable development that fosters livability and a healthy environment for all. We understand sustainable development to include providing for the needs of today without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. With this in mind, our organization works to increase community livability by promoting (1) vibrant communities, (2) sustainable land use, (3) active transportation, and (4) social equity.