Active Transportation

Active TransportationNeighbors For Smart Growth is committed to increasing the number of people who walk, bike, take transit, and engage in other active transport for recreational and commuter purposes. Promoting active transportation has been shown to spur economic development, reduce carbon emissions, improve public health, and increase social equity.

Unfortunately, major gaps continue to exist in our region’s active transportation networks. Many individuals simply do not have access to diverse transportation options, and not all of those who do feel safe using the underfunded infrastructure.

Therefore, Neighbors For Smart Growth works to make healthy, active travel options safer, easier, more more comfortable. This includes advocating for equitable planning and infrastructure that allows all people to live, work, and play in communities where they can satisfy daily needs on a local scale. Furthermore, we seek to protect our air, water, and ecosystems for future generations by addressing our over-dependence on fossil fuels and automobile-related infrastructure.

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