City Plan

The city of Beaverton Annexed the subject properties in early 2011.

Washington County zoning established with the community remained in effect after annexation. The changes under discussion now moves the zoning under Beaverton rules.

WaCo-Bvrtn-UPAA.html(Urban Planning Area Agreement, .doc, pdf) between county and City of Beaverton specifies that Beaverton needs to adopt rules as close to county as possible.

The plan was approved by Beaverton Planning Commission on December 7, 2011 which recommended adoption by the city Council.

With no other action on our part the City Council would have likely accepted the Commission’s recommendation without further public hearing, however we have initiated a costly appeal.


Exhibits 5-7: Annexation documents, county zoning rules,

Exhibit 8: Cedar Hills-Cedar Mill Community Plan (rev 4/11/08)

Exhibit 9 : Goal 5 Natural Resources Inventory and Significance Determiniation for the Peterkort and Adjacent Properties in Washington County Oregon

Exhibits 10-11: County code documenting Transit Oriented zoning sections 375 & 431
(section 431-12 is Peterkort Station Area Design Standards)

Exhibits 12-16: city/county comparison worksheets

Exhibit 17: Transportation Planning Rule (TPR) produced by consulting firm

Exhibit 18: public notice

Exhibit 19.1: testimony in support of plan by Peterkort Homestead LLC

Exhibit 19.2: testimony highlighting points of concern from Washington County Dept. or Land Use and Transp. Long Range Planning Manager Brent Curtis

Exhibit 20: proposed Beaverton Code changes for new Station Community – Sunset zone.