Appeal of Peterkort PUD Extension

The City of Beaverton recently approved J. Peterkort & Company’s request to extend its Sunset Station and Barnes Road Planned Unit Development. Unfortunately, the City’s decision did not adequately consider pedestrian access along the 95th Ave pedestrian trail, which is an important element for both the development and the surrounding community. Therefore, in an attempt to protect public access to the 95th Ave pedestrian trail, Neighbors For Smart Growth has appealed the extension decision and asked the City for additional consideration of pedestrian access. These public interest efforts have received attention from a number of news sources, including The Cedar Mill News (“Appeal filed for Sunset Station Development Extension”, January 2016).

The appeal focuses on the City’s own requirement that, in order for an extension to be granted, there must have been “no change in circumstances or the applicable regulations or Statutes likely to necessitate modification of the decision or conditions of approval since the effective date of the decision for which the extension is sought,” (Beaverton Development Code section 50.93.6.B). In this case, such changes have in fact occurred, which the City failed to address when considering the development extension application.

Specifically, Washington County recently adopted Ordinances 783 and 799, which classify the 95th Ave path as both a Regional Trail and an essential service. In addition, J. Peterkort & Company has attempted to fence off and block access to the 95th Ave Trail, which neighbors have been using for generations (see our previous post 95th Ave Regional Trail: Fighting to Protect Public Access, as well as Cedar Mill News article “Neighbors fight to retain trail”, December 2015). We hope that our appeal will prompt the City to properly consider the relevant new regulations and circumstances as part of the development extension request.

A public appeal hearing has been planned for January 27th, with details provided below for those who would like to attend, testify, or submit letters of support. Please also consider supporting the appeal by donating to our legal fund.

Public hearing for appeal of Sunset Station & Barnes Road PUD extension
Wednesday, January 27th @ 6:30 PM
Beaverton City Council Chambers
First Floor of Beaverton Building (Beaverton Round)
12725 SW Millikan Way, Beaverton, OR 97076

Letters and written testimony should be addressed to:
City of Beaverton, Planning Division
PO Box 4755, Beaverton, OR 97076
Attention: Jana Fox
Project Name: Appeal of Sunset Station & Barnes Road PUD First Time Extension
Case File: APP2015-0003 (an appeal of EXT2015-0004)

Letters may also be submitted by email to

*Note: Letters will be accepted until January 27th, but must be submitted by January 15th to be considered in the City’s Staff Report.

Please stay informed about this issue by following our News and Updates page.

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