Catlin Gabel Habitat Restoration

Several people have been asking about why Catlin Gabel seems to have removed dozens of trees on their property at the South end of 90th.

It was reported at the March 12 Trail Update meeting that they have been conducting a significant habitat restoration project, by removing invasives/non-native trees and replanting hundreds of new trees:

Partners: Catlin Gabel School, Providence St. Vincent,
Tualatin River Watershed Council, Habitat Restoration NW
and funded by OWEB (Oregon Watershed Enhancement Board)

Removed Invasive and Installed Native Plants
Worked on 2.5 acres
Removed English Holly, English Ivy, Invasive Cherry, Blackberry
Removed 25 truck loads of debris
Installed over 2000 native trees and shrubs
Included hundreds of Catlin students and community volunteers

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