Peterkort Planned Unit Develop (PUD) is Open for Review/Comments

Peterkorts have submitted their PUD application (originally presented to the community here) to the City of Beaverton and it is planned for review at the City Council on October 30, 2013. Please plan to come to this meeting to express your viewpoint.

There have been community member meetings with County representatives where community concerns about traffic impact, connectivity and the importance of an active transportation plan (bikes, pedestrian) for this area and surrounding community have been heard and are generally supported by the County. Please read the following letter from the Washington County to the City of Beaverton: Peterkort Act Transp Recommendations FINAL 09-25-13

Summary of topics:

  • Community access to Transit Center – recommendation of bridge or tunnel over/under Barnes Rd. to enable community north of Barnes Rd safe and efficient access to the transit center
  • Bike/pedestrian improvements along Cedar Hills Blvd between Barnes and Butner
  • 95th Ave: In particular the Peterkorts and the County seem to be support the community’s position that SW 95th Ave should NOT enable regular automobile traffic, but enable pedestrian/bike and emergency vehicle only access between Westhaven n-hood and the hospital/transit center
  • Brookside Dr connection to new development – The County’s laws explicitly call out that Brookside Dr. will NOT connect to future development to the west (Cedar Hills Community Plan – SubArea Westhaven pg 47) and the County is reiterating this with the Developer. The Developer seems to be willing to follow this requirement and make a gated connection for emergency vehicles only.
  • ..more..

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