Things to Know about the Peterkort Planned Unit Development

Things to Know about the Peterkort Planned Unit Development

Sunset Station & Barnes Road Planned Unit Development (PUD) Application, April 2013
Peterkort PUD Draft Transportation Impact Analysis, April 2013

Peterkort PUD is NOT a Mixed Use Development

  • Don’t be confused by what you read or hear in the press or elsewhere
  • Mixed use is defined as residential + commercial IN THE SAME BUILDING
  • Peterkort PUD merely proposes multiple uses ON THE SAME PROPERTY
  • Peterkorts only believe in traditional auto-centric suburban development

Peterkort PUD Will Enable Walmart

  • Peterkort PUD proposes 163,000 square feet of retail at southwest corner of Barnes Road and Cedar Hills Blvd.
  • Similar 2005 Walmart proposal was 166,000 square feet
  • Only Walmart can afford 2-story store with structured parking (500 total spaces)
  • Both Transportation Impact Analyses were written by same traffic engineer
  • By the time you hear them say “Walmart” it will be too late

Peterkort PUD Is a Traffic Behemoth

  • Traffic at 9 area intersections already fail Level of Service standards, particularly southbound Cedar Hills Blvd. in the morning
  • Peterkort PUD will generate about 44,500 daily car trips
  • Added traffic equivalent to 6 TIMES the 2005 proposed Walmart

Peterkort PUD Is Unfriendly to Pedestrians and Transit Users

  • Apartment development mostly north of Barnes Road
  • Pedestrians will be discouraged by widened Barnes Road crossings
  • Paid parking garage(s) proposed to discourage park-and-ride users
  • No solution proposed for missing sidewalks under US 26

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  1. Rolf Cooper-Moren | April 13, 2014 at 11:27 pm | Reply

    Little concerned about Peterkort PUD’s intents and actions. Particularly the item with concerns of transportation impacts in the area. I don’t think it is a great idea to have same people do analysis on transport impacts.

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